'Born to Fly' is dedicated to Squawky, the gallant Galah we attempted to nurse back to health. Unfortunately the permanent nerve damage to his cut wings; caused by an unknowing, unaware human to prevent Squawky from flying and escaping, resulted in so much ongoing pain, he continually self-mutilated. 

Finally, along with the Vet, the heart breaking decision was made to end his physical pain, for good…and allow his earth bound spirit to finally fly free at last. 

After Squawky was laid to rest in the beautiful garden, I wrote his poem, 'Born To Fly', which years later became the name for the book.

Born to Fly

You flew today...your soul soared high

Your wings...they moved with ease…

The sun shone bright, the sky beamed blue

And Squawky, you flew, with the breeze

                            6 May 1989 




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