Cherub the Rainbow Lorikeet.

Cherub the Rainbow Lorikeet.

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‘Born to Fly’ is a book based on true stories of how Cherub, a Rainbow Lorikeet, and her feathered friends, flew to freedom.  

Hi my name is Robyn Walker and welcome to a beautiful story based on my  personal experiences of many of those amazing events. One of them was an accidental escape, which ultimately became the catalyst for the careful and lovingly planned release of a cage-bound Corella. His subsequent return a year later, along with a most unexpected surprise, is an absolute tear jerker (in the most excellent of ways).

Does the book also contain fictional aspects? Absolutely, for it is the magic of storytelling that weaves throughout the pages, blending fiction and non-fiction together; taking the reader on an amazingly poignant journey.

Some may view ‘Born to Fly’ as a children’s book, and yes it can be initially perceived as that. It is also though a story with a broader message for adult readers. 

The more obvious one is that captive birds (and other captive animals) can and are being released back into nature safely and lovingly by many caring people. 

The less obvious one is that ‘Born to Fly’ is also a metaphor for the inhumane existence that millions of people on our planet are constantly held hostage to – feeling trapped and captive within the societal, cultural, religious and/or generational based norms, prejudices and stereotyping of the day. 

The journey of freeing ourselves to live happy, fulfilling and creative lives may not necessarily be an easy one at times. Given that we are a small piece of the whole however (a microcosm of the macrocosm), as each of us individually steps up and frees ourselves from the energetic restraints of out-dated beliefs and limited thinking, we automatically assist others to do the same.  And it is this inherent wisdom that Cherub and her feathered friends are lovingly and patiently teaching us.

I deeply believe we are caretakers and guardians of the natural world. Our role therefore  is to observe and delight in the many wondrous examples of nature, without making nature captive to our whims. And by extension, to teach all of Earth’s children this precious gift; for only then, can we all truly fly free!

I would especially like to say a very big thank you to Amanda Westwood, of Westwood Design Group, for her excellent creativity in turning my words and the photos into a beautiful book. Amanda also took the photo of the Rainbow Lorikeet, as I did not have one of the real Cherub.

Happy reading and take care



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